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How we fund the future

Guernsey Harbours has considered how its current harbour charging model compares to that of other ports, the ramifications of changes to harbour charges and the extent to which changes may be able to meet its financial needs.

The analysis of this work indicates three key areas where the current charges do not align to market based pricing:

  1. Local boat moorings in St. Peter Port and St Sampson Marinas
  2. Harbour dues for sand, stone and aggregate (bulk cargo)
  3. Cruise liner landing charges

If Guernsey Harbours aligns these areas with market based pricing, it can minimise charge increases to other areas already benchmarking at market level to generate enough funds to meet the financial needs for operational and capital expenditure.

We do need to increase all other harbour charges slightly above RPI but the impact of aligning the three key areas above will create substantial funding for the future of Guernsey Harbours.

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Public documents related to the future of Guernsey Harbours

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Guernsey Ports Master Plan

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Guernsey Harbours Business Plan

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